NOVEMBER 16, 2016


President Elvin Dorscher introduced our guest speaker:   Connie Serrant of Five Star Seniors Relocators Inc. - “Stress-Free Moving for Seniors.”   Her presentation was most informative and will be helpful in planning “our next move.”  Elvin thanked Connie and members expressed their appreciation for the suggestions she offered.

At 1:20 PM Pres. Elvin declared the AGM open.  He welcomed three guests; advised that Jean-Paul Maillot is in hospital; and also Colleen Dorscher.

Minutes of the November 18, 2015 AGM were approved as previously circulated.  Moved by Cec Clark/Seconded by Bill Andreitz.     CARRIED

Pres. Elvin:  No results from our Sept. Casino Fund Raiser – probably early next year. 

Bill Andreitz, Casino Chair, stated our next casino will be in April/May/June 2018.  We have requested the Blackfoot Cash Casino again.  Drumheller H2HSS supported us by staffing 11 of the 36 positions required.  Their share of proceeds will be 30.5%.  Because they are an affiliate to our society, they cannot book their own casino.  Our casino funds will fund hospital areas recommended by Calgary Health Trust.  Drumheller usually supports the Drumheller hospital.

Jim Dugan, Treasurer’s Report October 30, 2016:  Gen Acct Bal:  $ 19,122.12; GIC: $3,707.42  Casino Acct Bal:  $385.29   Jim moved to accept the report as presented;  Seconded by Bill Andreitz     CARRIED

Jean deBruyn, Woman to Woman stated the group is active with younger women joining

Bernie Nemeth, Membership Chair:  Nov 1, 2016 – 2017 year – 51 paid up/life time members out of 115 listed members

Doreen Farnum, Phoners Chair – all in order – no issues

Mary Figley, Social Chair:  Christmas Luncheon on December 14 @ 11:30 – 3:00 PM in the Main Hall.   Christmas music, Entertainment,  Tickets $15.00/pp, deadline to purchase Dec. 7/16.

Newsletter Editor:  Cec Clark was thanked for her past service as editor and is passing “the torch” to Tony Schlee.

Speakers:   No report

Tony Schlee:   Nomination Chair presented the positions and called for nominations.  As there were no nominations from the floor, the following volunteers were  accepted by acclamation:

President:           Elvin Dorscher                                                   Vice President:                 Jim Dugan

Treasurer:           Jim Dugan                                                           Secretary:                         Bill Diprose

Board Members:              Membership                     Bernie Nemeth

                                            Casino Co-ordinator        Bill Andreitz

                                            Phone Committee           Doreen Farnum

                                            Social Convenor               Mary Figley

                                            Newsletter Editor            Tony Schlee

                                            Guest  Speaker                - no volunteers – Tony suggested we book four health related speakers and the

                                                                                      remaining months for general interest topics.  Welcomed suggestions.

                                            Hospital Visitations - no volunteers - need a co-ordinator and visitors

                                            Glen Clark was thanked for his many years in various executive positions as well as a hospital visitor and hospital visitor


Tony thanked all the members who stepped in to fill the executive and board positions.

New Business:  Discussion regarding placing “ads” in our Newsletter.  Cost of Newsletter is approximately $1,200.00 per edition.  Newsletter editor Tony Schlee will look into the possibility and what nature of advertisements to approve.

Motion by Bill Andreitz -  that we place ads in our Newsletter and on the Website.   And, form a committee of four – including Tony Schlee, the chair person, to “solicit and vet” these ads.  Seconded by Lorna Diprose.   CARRIED   (no abstentions, no one opposed)

Tony Schlee asked for suggestions for speakers – none offered

Draw was made for the 50/50

At 2:10 PM, there being no further business – Bill Andreitz moved, Tony Schlee seconded that the meeting adjourn.  CARRIED


Respectfully submitted

Helen Foster, Recording Secretary



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