Blood Pressure Machine supplied to Fanning Center by Heart to Heart Support Society

The March 24, 2008 publication of "Carewrite" magazine printed the following article: The pulse on the Carewest.  Dr. Fanning's Neuro Rehab, just got a little stronger with the addition of a brand new electronic blood pressure machine, thanks to the donation from the Heart to Heart Support Society.


The non-profit organization, whose mandate is to offer encouragement and support to individuals with heart disease, donated $3,700 toward the purchase of the machine.  Client Service Manager Wendy Dixon says, the electronic blood pressure machine will allow nurses to continue working at an efficient pace without having to stop to take blood pressure readings (something that needs to be done often with clients who have heart conditions).  


"This is a critical piece of equipment that's going to be very vital to us," says Wendy.  Adding that blood pressure monitoring is an important part of stroke prevention.  "We're very thankful."  Clarence Callaway, president of the Heart to Heart Support Society, says about half of its 180 members are heart attack survivors or those who have had heart surgery.  "I was a heart patient too and 1986 I had a heart attack.  When I woke up there was a man from Heart to Heart to visit me," says Clarence, who joined the society in 1987 and has been president for the past two years.  "That's what really got me involved. I thought I had to get in there and give back to other people."


In addition to membership fees, Heart to Heart raises funds through casinos every other year, which made $8,5000 in 2006.   Carewest, Dr. Vernon Fanning came to the attention of the Heart to Heart Support Society through member Dick Buchanan.  After a Christmas party conversation with Nursing Attendant Christina Sefton, he scrawled his contact information on a paper napkin, which Christina took back to Carewest and gave to Wendy.  


The rest is history.  "At the Fanning Centre, it's great all the good work they do and we'll certainly be helping them again."  Says Clarence, "it does our heart good to be able to help other people."  


In the picture back row from left are: Heart to Heart Support members Dick Buchanan, Clarence Callaway, Carewest Director Rehabilitaion, Complex Care Mark Ewan (representing the Health Trust), and Heart to Heart members Patricia Hardy and Stephen Hardy. Front row from left are: Nursing Attendant Christina Sefton and Client Service Manager Wendy Dixon.  Photo by Samara Cygman. 


- Article by Samara Sygman, Internal Commuications Coordinator.